Fire Safety for Children: Everything You Need to Know

Children are most at risk when a fire occurs. In fact, children under five are twice as likely to die in a house fire as other people. Know how to keep them safe by following the guidelines in this post. 

Fire Safety Tips for Parents

According to the US Fire Administration, approximately 300 people are killed and $280 million in property is lost each year because children play with fire. 

So, as a parent, you should know how to prevent your children from starting fires. Here are guidelines to reduce the risk of child-related fire accidents:

1. Educate your children. 

educate your children

Teach your kids about the dangers of fire and the risks of starting one. Tell them how fire can harm people, animals, and belongings. Make sure they understand that playing with fire is dangerous. 

2. Supervise your children. 

Always keep an eye on your kids, especially when they're near fire hazards and sources like candles, stoves, and fire pits. Make sure they don't play with fire whenever they're near these things.

3. Store fire sources properly.

store fire sources properly

Place lighters, matches, and other fire-starting tools out of reach of children. Use childproof locks on cabinets where you store these items. In addition, put safety covers on electrical outlets and extension cords.

4. Install smoke alarms and sprinklers. 

Place working smoke alarms and sprinklers on every level of your house. Check them regularly and replace the batteries as needed. 

5. Set a good example. 

Be a good model by handling fire and heat sources responsibly. Make sure your children see you being careful around fire and using safety tools like fire protection gloves, fire blankets, and fire sprays

Fire Safety Guidelines Children Should Know

Several house fires start because children play with fire-starting tools like matches and lighters. Taking precautions at home and teaching your kids how to survive a fire can help your family avoid this heartbreak. Here are fire safety guidelines your children must know:       

1. Fire is not a toy.

fire is not a toy

Children should understand that fire is not a toy they shouldn't play with at all costs.

2. Stay away from fire sources.

Your kids should avoid heat sources like stoves, heaters, candles, and fireplaces.

3. Don't touch fire-starting tools.

Tell your kids not to use fire-starting tools like lighters and matches. Explain that these tools are for adults only and they should not touch them, especially even when an adult is not around. 

4. Stop, drop, and roll.

Your children should know what to do if they catch fire. Teach them to stop, drop, and roll back and forth to extinguish the flames. 

5. Know how smoke alarms work. 

know how smoke alarms work

Educate your kids about smoke alarms and what the sound means. They must know what to do when they hear the alarm. 

6. Master the fire escape plan. 

Create a fire escape plan with your kids. Identify several ways out of each room and set a designated place outside your house. Practice the plan regularly to make sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.

7. Call for help.

Lastly, your children should know how to call emergency responders when a fire occurs. Teach them what numbers to dial and what to tell the responders. 


Follow the guidelines above to keep your children safe. As an extra precaution, assemble a fire safety kit with a fire spray, fire blanket, smoke mask, and fire protection gloves. Don't wait until it's too late—secure your kids' safety by getting fire prevention tools from Prepared Hero now!