The Importance of Fire Drills at Work

A fire drill can save lives and your business. It’s a crucial part of fire safety training in your workplace, so it should be done regularly.

But why should you conduct fire drills at work? How often should you conduct them? Stay tuned as we answer these questions below. 

5 Reasons Why Work Fire Drills Are Important 

If a fire breaks out, people need to know what to do to get to safety. A fire drill is an activity where you and your employees run through what you must do in case a fire occurs at your workplace. While many businesses often take fire drills for granted, you shouldn’t. Here are the top reasons why fire drills at work are important: 

1. You and your employees are better prepared for a fire.

fire drills at work prepare your employees for a fire

Not knowing what to do, what tools to use, and where to go when a fire occurs in the workplace can cost lives. Conducting fire drills allows your employees, especially new hires, to be familiar with your company’s emergency procedures. It also allows everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities during fire emergencies. 

Remember, familiarity breeds preparedness, which can save lives and your business. 

2. You can check if everything works.

fire drills at work let you check if everything works

Fire drills at work also let you know if everything works. In particular, they give you a chance to test whether your fire alarms are working and if people can hear them clearly. 

It also lets you know if fire marshals and shut-down procedures are suitable for the workplace. Additionally, it lets you test timings and roll calls to see if your exit strategy needs improvement. 

3. You comply with the law.

fire drills at work let you comply with the law

Regular fire drills are required by law. When you conduct them regularly, you comply with the law set by the authorities to ensure everyone’s safety during fire emergencies. 

Complying with these fire safety protocols also prevents legal issues that may put you out of business.  Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in terms of legal compliance and fire safety. 

4. You can identify potential fire hazards.

fire drills at work help identify potential fire hazards

Fire drills at work also help you identify potential fire hazards. Since offices are home to many fire hazards like paper and computers, it’s always worth checking if there are new fire hazards. Doing this lets you make necessary changes to enhance everyone’s safety.

5. You become calmer and more confident. 

fire drills at work help people be calmer and more confident

Workplace fires become worse when people panic. The solution? Conducting regular fire drills.

Fire drills can help you and your employees be calmer and more confident when a fire occurs. This reduces panic and allows everyone to make sound decisions during a fire emergency.

A fire drill also promotes teamwork. When employees practice together, they work as a team― guiding and helping each other― which can save lives in an actual fire emergency. 


You might have told your team to read the evacuation plan and familiarize themselves with your evacuation plan. But did they understand everything? Will they remember everything?

This is where a fire drill comes in. Doing has more impact than simply reading. It’s like learning piano― you can’t master it just by reading a book.

Double the protection by having a fire safety kit ready at your office. Your kit should include an emergency fire blanket, fire spray or fire extinguisher, fire protection gloves, and a smoke mask. Stay prepared, hero!