Do You Really Need a Hook for Your Fire Blanket?

We all know that prevention is always better than cure. Having fire safety tools like a fire blanket is a must for safeguarding areas against fire.

But do you really need a hook for your fire blanket? Is this additional expense worth it? Let's find out.

Where to Store Your Fire Blankets

As its name suggests, a fire blanket hook is made for a fire blanket. They're made since a fire blanket should be mounted on a wall for easy access.

Putting a fire blanket too close to the stove is also not advisable since a flare-up might prevent you from accessing it. A fire blanket hook solves all these issues by giving you a place to mount your fire blanket.  

Plus, fire blankets are usually placed in the kitchen, where a grease fire usually starts. Water can spread this type of fire, making a fire blanket the ideal tool for putting it out. 

In addition, your garage, living area, office, and car can benefit from having a fire blanket ready. You can also use fire blankets to wrap people who caught fire. The fire blanket will smother the flames and put the fire out. 

Do You Really Need a Hook for Your Fire Blanket?

Yes, you do. Your fire blanket has to be easily accessible yet far enough from fire sources. Here are the reasons why you need a fire blanket hook: 


A fire blanket hook ensures that you can easily access the fire blanket during a fire. It should be mounted on the wall at a height where it can be easily grabbed.


Using a fire blanket hook makes the fire blanket more visible. This is crucial, especially when smoke fills the room. 

Protection from Damage 

do you really need a hook for your fire blanket

Placing a fire blanket on a hook can prevent it from getting damaged, especially if the alternative is storing it in a cupboard or drawer where it might get accidentally damaged or buried under other items. 


Seeing your fire blanket on the wall reminds you to be conscious of fire safety. It also reminds you that you have a tool ready for use when a fire occurs, giving you a better chance to use it. 

Ease of Use

ease of use

When hooked properly, you can quickly remove the fire blanket from the wall without wasting time in an emergency.


Emergency fire blankets protect you and your loved ones against dangerous fires. However, they’re only effective if you can easily access them. 

Remember, investing in a hook isn't just about storing your fire blanket. It’s also about making the most out of its capability to protect you. With a fire blanket hook designed for quick deployment and easy installation, your blanket stays visible, undamaged, and ready for immediate use.

So, what are you waiting for? Prioritize your safety and equip your space with a reliable fire blanket hook from Prepared Hero now! While you’re at it, check out the other fire safety tools we have in store for you.