Where to Put Your Hero Fireproof Bag

So, you've got yourself the Hero Fireproof Bag. Great move! These handy bags are perfect for keeping your important documents, heirlooms, and other valuables safe from fire. But now you're probably wondering: where's the best place to put it? Check out the top spots for your fireproof bag below. 

Home Safe

home safe

If you have a safe at home, it's a no-brainer to store your fireproof bag inside it. Your fireproof bag can protect your items from fire, while the safe can protect it from robbers. Bonus points if you have a fire safe for maximum security.

Bedroom Closet

bedroom closet

Your bedroom closet is also a solid choice. It's easily accessible yet private enough. Place your Hero Fireproof Bag on a high shelf to keep it out of reach of kids or pets. Just make sure it's not buried under a pile of clothes or shoes― you want to be able to find it when needed.

Home Office

home office

If you work from home or have a dedicated office space, this can be an excellent place for your fireproof bag. You can put it in your drawer or filing cabinet. You'll have peace of mind knowing your important work documents, heirlooms, and other valuables are safe during fire emergencies.

Under the Bed

under the bed

Putting your Hero Fireproof Bag under your bed might seem odd, but it's practical. It's out of the way yet within easy reach. Plus, in case of a fire, you can quickly access it. Use a sturdy, low-profile container to keep it organized and protected from dust.

Garage or Basement

garage or basement

These spots are not the first to come to mind, but they can be options. Garages and basements can be damp, so we suggest putting your fireproof bag in a waterproof container.

Secret Spots

secret spots

If you want to get creative, think about hidden spots around your home. You can put the bag behind a false panel in a bookcase, in a hollowed-out piece of furniture, or in a fake vent. These spots add an extra layer of security against criminals. Just make sure you remember where you hid it. 


Finding the perfect spot for your Hero Fireproof Bag is all about balance. You want it to be easily accessible during an emergency yet secure enough to keep your valuables safe. Think about your house's layout, and choose a spot that makes sense for you.

Remember, the goal is to protect your important items from fire while being able to grab them quickly if needed. Stay prepared, hero!