Where to Put Fire Sprays at Work

Fire sprays are made to put out small fires, giving your business and employees extra protection. They should be placed in accessible locations where people can quickly grab them when a fire breaks out. 

But where exactly should you put fire sprays at work? Let’s find out.

Where to Put Fire Sprays at Work: 5 Key Places

Here are the five key places where you should put fire sprays at: 

1. Near Exits

where to put fire sprays at work near exits

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggests placing fire extinguishers or fire sprays near exits. Doing this ensures that people can quickly grab the fire spray or extinguisher. It also helps people safely evacuate the building.

2. Each Level of the Building

where to put fire sprays at work on each level

You should also place at least one fire spray per floor. The bigger the floor area is, the more fire sprays you need. If you want to find out how many fire sprays you need, check out this guide

3. Kitchen or Break Room 

where to put fire sprays at work kitchen

If your workplace has a kitchen or break room, put at least one fire spray there. Kitchens or break rooms are among the most fire-prone areas because they contain heat sources. We suggest placing one fire spray near heat sources, but not too close that it’ll be hard for you to grab it when needed. We also recommend putting a fire spray near the exit if you have a small kitchen. 

4. Hallways

where to put fire sprays at work hallways

You should also install fire sprays on the paths leading to the exits. Doing this enhances fire safety in your building. 

Hallways are accessible, central, and less cluttered, allowing quick and easy access to the fire sprays during an emergency. Their visibility also lets people find them easily when time is of the essence. Plus, hallways usually serve as main evacuation points, so having fire sprays there helps people manage small fires that might block their way to evacuation.

5. Near Electrical Equipment

where to put fire sprays at work near electrical equipment

Electrical equipment such as computers, servers, and machines can overheat, have faulty wiring, or have short circuits. Putting fire sprays near them ensures that small fires are put out before they can spread to other areas of the building. 

However, you must pick the right type of fire spray. Remember, not all fire sprays or extinguishers can be used to put out electrical fires. It’s because some types can leave residue that might damage electrical equipment. 

For instance, you can use the Vapor Clean Fire Spray and Dry Stop Fire Spray to put out electrical fires. They contain ingredients that won’t damage electrical equipment. 


Knowing where to put fire sprays at work allows you to protect your employees and assets. Doing so also ensures that your business thrives without unnecessary expenses that may arise when a fire damages your building. 

If you’re looking for non-toxic and effective fire sprays, Prepared Hero got your back. The Hero Fire Spray, Vapor Clean Fire Spray, and Dry Stop Fire Spray are your best options against workplace fires. Stay prepared, hero!