How Personal Defense Alarms Keep Students Safe

While college campuses implement safety practices to keep students safe, it always pays to have a personal defense alarm, especially when you're walking alone. 

But how exactly do personal defense alarms keep students safe? Let's find out.

Off-Campus Living

off-campus living

Many students live off-campus for several reasons, including cost, privacy, and availability. While off-campus living has benefits, they often lack the security provided by on-campus housing. These include patrols, well-lit paths, and close distance to fellow students. 

This is where a personal defense alarm comes in. You can use it when walking home at night or early in the morning. A personal defense alarm can deter threats and inform others about what's happening, providing an extra layer of safety. 

Studying Abroad

studying abroad

Going abroad offers students the opportunity to learn in a new environment. However, an unfamiliar place and language barriers can put you at risk. Plus, in times when you feel unsafe, calling for help can be difficult. 

A personal defense alarm is a simple and universally understood tool that calls for help. Its piercing sound can draw attention and scare attackers, thus being effective regardless of language or location. 

Late-Night Studies

late-night studies

A student's life is filled with late-night study sessions and meetings. Going to and coming from these study spots can put you at risk. 

Carrying a personal defense alarm enhances your safety since it can alert campus security and discourage attackers from harming you. 

Unpredictable Schedules

unpredictable schedules

College life comes with unpredictable schedules. From morning classes to part-time jobs, your routine can change from one day to the next. With a personal defense alarm, you're constantly safe despite an unpredictable schedule. 

Campus Safety

campus safety

Despite security measures, there may be areas or times when there's little to no security on campus. A personal defense alarm can supplement these, keeping students safe at all times.

Hero Defense Alarm

Unfortunately, not all defense alarms are created equal. If you want a reliable defense alarm, check out the Hero Defense Alarm

Here's a table showing the differences between the Hero Defense Alarm and regular personal defense alarms:

Hero Defense Alarm Other Alarms
130 screeching decibels Not as loud as alarming
Blinding bright light No light settings
Same-side siren and light design Light on the back blinds yourself
USB-C fast charging Requires watch batteries
Lasts for 40 continuous minutes Not rechargeable
Lasts for months without use  Dies fast


The Hero Defense Alarm is crucial for student safety. It's loud, has a bright light, and is easy to use. Plus, it charges quickly and keeps its power for months. This means that you can rely on it when you need it most. 

By choosing the Hero Defense Alarm, you're choosing safety and peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Get the Hero Defense Alarm from Prepared Hero now. While you're at it, check out other protection tools that'll keep you safe and sound on and off campus.