How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last?

Smoke detectors play a huge role in warning you and your loved ones of immediate danger. As much as we want them to last forever, factors such as regular wear and tear affect their effectiveness. So, how long do smoke detectors last? Let's find out below.

Smoke Detector Life Expectancy

smoke detector life expectancy

Smoke detectors can last up to 10 years. However, the exact life expectancy of your smoke detector depends on many factors. 

For instance, dust accumulates inside your detector over time. This can wear down its sensors and reduce its sensitivity. So, if a fire occurs, your smoke alarm might not give you enough time to escape.

If your smoke detector keeps beeping after replacing the batteries or fails the recommended monthly test, replace it even if it's less than ten years old. You should also replace all interconnected smoke alarms, even if some are still functional, to make sure everything works. 

How Long Smoke Detectors Last Based on Type

Here's how long smoke detectors usually last, depending on the type you have at home. However, you should take note that these are just estimates, and the exact expiration date depends on many factors. 

Combination Detectors

how long do combination smoke detectors last

Smoke detectors with carbon monoxide detectors usually last five to seven years. This is shorter than the lifespan of a regular smoke detector, but this type offers added safety by detecting both smoke and carbon monoxide gas. 

In addition, carbon monoxide detectors have shorter lifespans because of their sensors. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and regularly test combination detectors to make sure they'll work when needed.

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

how long do hardwired smoke detectors last

Hardwired smoke detectors can last up to ten years. They're directly connected to your home's electrical system and often have backup batteries that kick in during power outages. The said batteries usually last one to two years. 

One of the main benefits of hardwired detectors is their reliability. They have a consistent power supply, so they can detect smoke even during a power outage. Plus, they're usually interconnected, so when one detector goes off, all detectors in the house go off. 

Battery-Operated Smoke Detectors

how long do battery-operated smoke detectors last

These detectors only rely on batteries for power, making them easier to install. These detectors are ideal for garages, workshops, basements, and sheds. 

Battery-operated smoke detectors usually last five to ten years. Many people opt to change the batteries yearly, often during daylight saving time, so they don't forget. We recommend you follow this practice. 


Regular testing and timely replacements are key to protecting your home from fires. Don't wait for that annoying beep to remind you— set a date to check for damages and change the batteries. With proper attention and care, your smoke detectors will be ready to protect you and your loved ones when it matters most. Stay prepared, hero!