Soil Tester - Soil Quality Monitor

4-in-1 Soil Tester


This soil moisture, pH, temperature, and light tester offers 4 important measurements: pH Value, Temperature, Moisture, and Environment Sunlight Intensity. The sensitive 200mm probe and light sensor windows provides 5 units of accurate & precise measured results, pH, moisture, sunlight, and temperature.

Measuring pH is important for the well being of all plants and your lawn. Some plants grow better in slightly acidic soil, some better in more alkaline soil.


  • 4-in-1 Soil Tester for plants and lawns
  • Measures sunlight (9 levels), soil moisture (5 levels), soil pH (12 levels) and temperature (°C & °F)
  • 200mm long probe
  • Auto power off
  • Check the light intensity of the current environment
  • Fast and precise measurement
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Backlight feature

How To Use:

Use this 4 in 1 tester by directly pushing the probe into the soil

With its oversized backlight LCD screen results are easy to read:

  • The meter has a probe with a length of 200 mm and an oversized LCD screen with backlight function, so all the results are easy to read. The unit also has a low battery indication and auto power-off function. Start with installing a 9V block battery.

You can check the intensity of sunlight in one click

  • For sunlight measurement press the “On” button to start the unit and point the light sensor towards the light source and the light intensity will show.

Push the probe right into the soil for pH measurements

  • For pH measurements, you need to water your plant first if the soil is too dry. Switch the “pH/Temp.” switch on the back of the unit to the “pH” position and push the “On” button. Push the probe down vertically in the soil, avoid any obstructions (like roots), and the pH value of the tested soil will be displayed. Take several readings to confirm your findings.

You can test soil moisture the same way as pH measurement

  • For moisture measurement switch the “pH/Temp.” switch on the back of the unit to “temp.” position and push the “On” button. Push the probe down vertically in the soil, avoid any obstructions (like roots), and the moisture of the tested soil will show.

Temperature measurements of your soil can be very handy

  • For temperature measurements of the soil follow the same instructions as for measuring moisture. Press the “C/F” button to choose reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • A manual is included with the interpretation of all readings.

General users tips

  • The unit will be switched off automatically if it hasn’t been used for 5 minutes.
  • It can only be used in soil, so please don’t use it in water or other solutions.
  • Don’t forget to take off the protection cap of the probe before you start testing.
  • Don’t leave the probe in the soil longer than necessary to avoid damage.
  • Push the probe vertically in the soil and don’t use too much force if you feel any obstructions to avoid damage.
  • Wipe the probe clean and dry with a soft cloth before taking another test and after finishing the tests.
  • Remove gently any oxidation of the probe before and after testing
  • Don’t forget to put back the protective cap of the probe after testing to prevent oxidation.
  • Remove the battery when you don’t use the tester for an extended period of time.
  • Avoid dust and too much water (the meter is water-resistant, but not waterproof).