Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster by Prepared Hero

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✅ Safe and Comfortable - The Pregnancy Seat Belt is positioned across the legs, rather than over the belly. This eliminates any discomfort on growing bellies, allowing you to focus on the road for a safe ride.

✅ Extreme Build Quality - It's crucial that each Pregnancy Seat Belt is built to last. That's why we put special care into our design, build and stress testing. Each is built to withstand over 400 pounds of force (180 kg).

✅ 3 Minute Installation - Straight forward and effortlessly easy installation. No extra steps involved in fastening and securing your seat belt. It's a one time install and then it's ready for everyday use!

Please note: It's important to use this in every car you will be riding in. We will apply a special discount if you order two or more.


⚠️ 170,000 pregnant women experience car accidents every year.

⚠️ 3,000 pregnancies are lost from car accidents every year.


You could be the safest driver in the world. That won't stop the jerk from behind you who's in a rush and not paying attention.

It's time to take back comfort and feel safe again.

No more stressing about what position your seat belt should be in to protect the baby.

No more constant adjusting for comfort but never really finding it.

No more worries about whether you and your baby would be okay in the scary but very real event that an accident occurs.

Driving should be a breeze not even worth worrying over. You should be able to hop in the car and travel in comfort no matter where you're going.


✅ Take Back Comfort - The Pregnancy Seat Belt is engineered for your exact situation. By relocating the seat belt to your thighs rather than your belly, you remove pressure and discomfort of the belt as well as increase safety.

✅ Absolute Child Safety - All guesswork and worries about positioning your seat belt correctly will be eliminated. This Pregnancy Seat Belt is scientifically designed to position the seat belt into the safest location to maximize you and your child's safety.

✅ True Freedom - Unhindered relaxing driving with no more stress. Don't hesitate or feel the need to ask for a ride whenever you go out. You deserve to be safe and comfortable on your own terms.


  1. Place the adjuster belt through the gap between the seat and backrest.
  2. Move the belt underneath the seat. Ensure the belt is not twisted.
  3. Loop the belt through the upper and lower hole of the buckle.
  4. Pull the belt down firmly to tighten.

That's it! You're ready to enjoy the drive!