Outdoorsman Pro™ Weatherproof Heated Jacket by Prepared Hero

Keep Warm No Matter The Conditions


With the Outdoorsman Pro™ Weatherproof Heated Jacket, you stay warm while enjoying your day! Perfect for people working outside in the cold weather.

Made For All Temperatures

 360° Heating - heat your front, back, and neck areas comfortably

 3 Heat Settings - choose between 3 different modes, 25°C (77°F), 35°C (°95F), and 45°C (113°F)

Wear It Anywhere

 No Limitations - use it while running, hiking, traveling, cycling, shopping, skiing, working, exercising, walking the dog, playing sports, fishing, mountaineering, etc.

Health Benefits

 Promote Metabolism - utilize your bodies energy more efficiently and feel more energized

 Increased Blood Flow - stimulate blood circulation, relieve rheumatism and muscle pain

Easy To Use & Wash

 Machine Washable - simply remove the battery and throw it in the washing machine

 One-click Control - operate the entire vest with one single button

Men Size

Size S: Length 28.3in; Sleeve 23in; Bust 45.7in

Size M: Length 29.1in; Sleeve 24in; Bust 47.2in

Size L: Length 29.9in; Sleeve 25in; Bust 48.8in

Size XL: Length 30.7in; Sleeve 25.6in; Bust 50.4in

Size 2XL: Length 31.5in; Sleeve 26.2in; Bust 52.8in

Size 3XL: Length 32.3in; Sleeve 26.8in; Bust 55.1in

Women Size

Size S: Length 25.2in; Sleeve 22.8in; Bust 40.9in

Size M: Length 26.0in; Sleeve 23.4in; Bust 42.5in  

Size L: Length 26.8in; Sleeve 24in; Bust 44.1in

Size XL: Length 27.6in; Sleeve 24.6in; Bust 46.5in

Size 2XL: Length 28.3in; Discounts 25.2in; Bust 48.8in

Please Note: Portable battery is not included. Looking for a portable battery? Consider the SunCharge, our 8,000 mAh solar battery.