NeckRestore™ Massager Basic

NOTE: This is for the basic version of NeckRestore Massager.
Long office hours starting to show in your neck and shoulders health and condition? Is sedentary sitting causing you neck pain? NeckRestore™  for neck pain is definitely the right choice for you.
The NeckRestore™ Smart Neck Massager uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to simulate a real massage down your neck. It can effectively relieve muscle stress and soothe the pain. Everyone deserves to love your body!
The NeckRestore™ is like a real human massage to help reduce cervical problems. 
Say "goodbye" to bulky neck massagers, this only weighs less than 160g and has a larger battery. 
With our cutting edge NeckRestore™ technology, the neck massager will target the stressed muscle tissues and nervous system. Such magnetic therapy will improve your overall health by stimulating the nerves. Our revolutionary product was carefully designed to be easy-to-use from a practitioner's perspective. Alleviate your pain and be comfortable anywhere!