HeroTonerā„¢ ABS + Booty Builder

šŸ’ŖExercise Smarter Not HarderšŸ’Ŗ


Discover a new effective way to improve your shape, lose fat and make lean muscle quickly.Ā With the HeroTonerā„¢ ABS + Booty BuilderĀ uses electromagnetic impulse to create a powerful and complete muscle stimulation.

Adopts theĀ mostĀ advanced EMS technologyĀ and is made ofĀ high-quality material,Ā so that you can build a charming body shape without even lifting a finger under its help! This training gear isĀ secure and efficient!

The HeroTonerā„¢ ABS + Booty Builder will tone up, tighten, and strengthen body muscles, to get theĀ best figure after consecutive usage within 2 weeks.Ā It is extra light, ultra-thin, durable and convenient for carrying.Ā ItĀ can easily be wornĀ and hiddenĀ under clothes so you can get a workout in anywhere at any time!

Getting thatĀ awesome figureĀ has never been this easy, you can even use it while doing your other daily activities for justĀ 20 minutes a day. The powerful electric pulses thatĀ automatically tightens and firms your musclesĀ do the hard work for you. It is made ofĀ high-quality materialĀ that's comfortable and hasĀ multiple levels of intensity that suits your preference.Ā You'll definitely find theĀ ideal work-out buddyĀ with our HeroTonerā„¢ ABS.Ā 


āœ”ļø ļ»æWhat's EMS Technology? - EMS directly stimulates muscle auto-contraction movement through micro-current. Pick up the Abs stimulator and stick on the body. Muscle toner can help you gain stronger muscle lines by promoting muscle movement and get the perfect body through continuous use.Ā 

āœ”ļøĀ Noticeable Result after Consistent UseĀ - Abdominal toning belt is designed for inside/arm /leg /hip /waist muscle training.Ā 

āœ”ļøĀ Skin-Friendly & Easy To Us - Abs muscle toner uses a skin-friendly hydrogel patch that is slim and soft, strictly conforms to the body lines, and is made of silver paste.Ā 

āœ”ļøĀ Lightweight & Portable - Body muscle fitness trainer is small enough to fit in a handbag. You can exercise while reading, doing housework, working, watching TV, or even traveling on business or leisure.Ā 


  • Operation Method:Ā Belt Type
  • Application:Ā Slimming Bandage
  • EMS devices:Ā 2*AAA batteries(not included)
  • Suitable for:Ā Sports, Fitness Enthusiasts