Emergency Heat Poncho

A must-have Survival Tool


Say goodbye to life-threatening risks and fully enjoy nature with this new Emergency Heat Poncho! This is a life-saver, you need to have one with you every time you go out in the wilderness!

It’s all fun and games until it’s not… and when SHTF, you need to be prepared. Your survival kit needs to be equipped with tools for any situation. And most importantly, it needs to be equipped with the most under-rated survival tool of all time - the emergency Emergency Heat Poncho.


✔️ To keep you warm in low temperatures, retain your body heat.

✔️ Sunlight reflection and heat absorption to keep you cool in hot weather.

✔️ Striking orange and reflective film for rescuers to find you in an emergency easily.

✔️ Ultralight with a storage sack, easy to carry, great for exploration, disaster, camping and etc.

The Emergency Heat Poncho is a survival bag with a lightweight design that compresses into a tiny sack, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Material: PE
Color: Orange & Silver
Size: 101*124cm/39.8*48.8in
Packed Size: 10*2*14cm/3.9*0.8*5.5in
Weight: 85g/3.0oz