DeepClean Portable Sterilizer Box

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This revolutionary UV sanitizer kills life-threatening bacteria on your cell phone and other small objects.

✅ Destroys viruses, bacteria & germs in seconds
✅ Highly portable design
✅ Ultra-fast wireless charging
✅ Cleans phone or jewelry, earbuds, makeup & more

Breakthrough UV tech destroys bacteria, keeping you safe.

Phones are the primary way we connect with the world.

It's how we receive our news. Keep in touch with friends, family and work.

We wash our hands constantly, but the one thing nobody thinks about is the nasty bacteria collecting on your phone.

It makes washing hands nearly pointless.

Pick up your phone and it's back on your hands!

You need a way to eliminate these invisible germs before that cause harm.

That's why the DeepClean UV Sterilizer Box was created.

It effectively kills any nasty, dangerous bacteria and stops them from building up on your items.

The DeepClean Box was designed to keep you and your family safe from potentially life threatening bacteria.

Are you ready to destroy bacteria & safeguard your devices?

We recommend one DeepClean Box per person per household.

Your Package Includes:

1 X DeepClean UV Sterilizer Box
1 X Fast Charging Cable