Bright Beanie by Prepared Hero

bright beanie hiking

Winter strolls just got a whole lot safer, and fun!

The Bright Beanie by Prepared Hero is a knitted beanie with a built-in head lamp, wireless Bluetooth speaker and headset -- all rechargeable!

You'll never want to go anywhere without it.

"This is a great invention, I've used it almost every day since I got it. With the built in light I can walk my dog at night time. It's perfect to listen to music while I'm shoveling snow. More importantly, it's rechargeable and lasts 6-8 hours of battery life per charge!"

What Can The Bright Beanie Do?


Instant Warmth
Quality knitted material woven together with a polar fleece inner lining to keep your warm.


Light Your Path
The built-in headlamp has 2 brightness and 2 flashing settings with a 100+ foot lighting range.


Listen to Music
Built-in Bluetooth speakers that connect to any smartphone device.


Voice Activation
Microphone allows you to activate commands on smart phone devices.


Make Calls
Wirelessly connect to your smartphone to take calls with the built in microphone.


Lasts 6-8 hours per charge depending on settings and only takes 90 minutes to recharge!


bright beanie camping

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to music in a noisy environment?

Yes! The volume output goes up to 100 Decibels, giving more than enough power to easily listen.

How do I know if it will fit my head?

The Bright Beanie is a one size fits all, no need to worry about sizing.

Can I wash the Bright Beanie?

Yes, the electronic components are easily removable allowing the beanie to be safely used in washing machines.

Will the light be bright enough for a dark street?

The Bright Beanie light can be set to high brightness mode which will give a lighting range of up to 132 feet away.

How do I charge my Bright Beanie?

Each Bright Beanie comes with a micro USB charging cable allowing you to plug it into any USB outlet.

Is it water and snow resistant?

Yes, the Bright Beanie is stitched with a PU patch that provides a waterproof coverage over the electronic panels. Please note: Do not submerge the beanie in water without taking out the easily removable electronic component first.