AuraSafe Ionic Air Purifier Necklace

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"My family wears this necklace in public to always breathe fresh air. It purifiers the air around, removing smog, smoke, bacteria and more. The safety of my family is my #1 priority."

What if you could walk around in public, no matter the area and never worry about the air you breathe?

Imagine a clean bubble of air around you 24/7...

Eliminating harsh chemicals... Bacteria... Smog and cancer-causing cigarette smoke...

Leaving you with only clean fresh air everywhere you go.

Introducing the AuraSafe Ionic Air Purifier Necklace.

Using revolutionary technology, we were able to take the powerful ionic generating components of an air purifier and shrink them down to necklace size -- while remaining POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!

This small device runs on a 20-24 hour charge, cleaning the air around you as you breathe. Just plug it in at night like you would with your phone for a fast charge!

Multiple studies show that negative ion generators such as the AuraSafe necklace are proven to be effective at removing viruses and bacteria by up to 98%.

Organizations like the UN, NASA, FDA, Yale and Columbia Universities, Science Journal and more are touting the many health benefits of negative ion generators.

With new health threats emerging daily, isn't it time to create your own personal protection aura for you and your family?

Your package includes:

1 X SafeAura Ionic Air Purifier Necklace
1 X Charging cable
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