How Prepared Hero's Fire Sprays Put Out Fires

Prepared Hero's fire sprays can put out fires in seconds. They're made of fire-extinguishing agents that kill fire without leaving a mess like fire extinguishers do.

But how exactly do Prepared Hero's fire sprays work? In this post, we'll talk about how Prepared Hero's fire sprays put out our fires. 

The Principle Behind Prepared Hero's Fire Sprays

You need three elements to start a fire: heat, fuel, and oxygen. 

These elements are also known as the fire triangle. Fire occurs only when the fire triangle is complete. So, if you want to put out a fire, you need to get rid of one of those three things. 

Removing fuel is easy if you can control it. However, there are times when we can't easily remove the fuel (e.g., removing wood from a burning fire pit). There are also times when we can't remove heat from the equation by simply throwing water on it (e.g., grease fires made worse by water). 

This is where Prepared Hero's fire sprays come in. Prepared Hero's fire sprays generally separate the fuel from the oxygen while reducing heat. Since fire needs all three elements to continue, removing at least one from the equation stops it from burning. 

How the Hero Fire Spray Puts Out Fires

The Hero Fire Spray puts out fire by creating a barrier between the fuel and the oxygen around it. It also has a cooling effect, which reduces the heat that helps the fire burn. 

Plus, the Hero Fire Spray's foaming effect seals the surface to prevent re-ignition. The barrier, cooling, and foaming launches a three-pronged assault on fires.

As a result, the Hero Fire Spray can put out a fire in seconds, leaving you and your loved ones safe. The Hero Fire Spray can put out common fire types at home, including paper, wood, and grease fires. 

How the Dry Stop Fire Spray Puts Out Fires

The Dry Stop Fire Spray puts out a fire by discharging fire-extinguishing agents through a rapid stream. By doing this, the Dry Stop Fire Spray acts as a barrier between the fuel and oxygen.

It also reduces heat without leaving a huge mess. Plus, the Dry Stop Fire Spray prevents fires from reigniting even after you turn off the heat and fuel source. 

Due to its non-aerosol delivery, the Dry Stop Fire Spray is perfect for gas and fuel fires. You can also use it to put out wood, paper, grease, and electrical fires.

How the Vapor Clean Fire Spray Puts Out Fires

The Vapor Clean Fire Spray puts out a fire by discharging a water-based fire-extinguishing agent that quickly cools fires. It also prevents sparks from reigniting by drenching hot spots that might form. 

The Vapor Clean Fire Spray works on paper, wood, grease, and electrical fires. Plus, you can directly spray it onto someone on fire. It is made of organic and non-toxic components safe for humans and pets. 


If you're looking to keep your place safe without the mess, grab a Prepared Hero fire spray. Whether it's the Hero Fire Spray, Dry Stop Fire Spray, or Vapor Clean Fire Spray, these bad boys can knock out a fire fast and keep it from reigniting. 

And for the love of fire safety, it's a no-brainer to have them around. So, what are you waiting for? Get these fire heroes now!