Worried About Your Risk Of House Fire, And Finding An Easy, Safe Solution? The Answer Is Right Here! Put Sudden Fires Out Quickly!

Without burn risks, using uncertain old remedies or breaking the bank

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Anyone can use it - from children to grandparents, it’s safe for the whole family

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None of the confusion or questions associated with many fire extinguishers

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Effective, safe and fast, when seconds matter


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Protect your home from fire accidents, giving your family peace of mind.

The End Of Concerns About Having A Solid Fire Safety Option At Your Fingertips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re concerned about your family’s ability to stay safe during a fire emergency. This is a great first step. Studies show that 19% of American families have no fire safety plan in place at all.

And it shows. There are more than 350,000 house fires in the country per year, nearly 3,000 of them deadly.

Worst of all is the knowledge that many of these fires are preventable, when steps are taken to catch these fires when they are small and manageable. 

Using its special controlled-spray, powdered formula, the Dry Stop Fire Spray from Prepared Hero extinguishes a fire easily and swiftly, without damage to persons or property.

Years Of Discovery And Research

You’ve probably heard of, or even tried, other methods of putting out home fires that others swear by. The simple truth is that many of these do not work reliably in every situation. This false sense of security is what results in many of the horrific fire tragedies we see so often in the news.

Fire extinguishers have been known to be confusing to many consumers. Old remedies like pan lids and baking soda can be effective, but have serious limitations in some cases.

Prepared Hero consulted with a panel of dedicated, concerned emergency response professionals, determined to develop a product that is

  • Easy to use
  • Effective every time
  • Safe for anyone in the family

They discovered that these elements would be the keys to success for home fire safety.

A Powerful, Worry-Free Fire Response Tool Is Available To You, Right Now

The Dry Stop Fire Spray’s powdered spray extinguishes a fire decisively and quickly. 

To extinguish a fire rapidly, the Spray:

  • Deprives fire of needed oxygen
  • Chemically separates the fire from its fuel source
  • Renders the fuel source ineffective

You’re able to confidently and securely stop small fires in their tracks.

And one canister may be used several times, so it can save your home and family again and again.

Effective Against Several Types Of Sudden Fires

One of the drawbacks to fire extinguishers is that one has to be aware of which extinguishers work on which types of fires.

In fact, studies show that 83% of Americans don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

With the Dry Stop Fire Spray, this concern goes out the window.

It’s effective against:

  • Grease fires
  • Wood fires
  • Paper fires
  • Electrical fires
  • Flammable liquid fires
  • Flammable vapor fires

Fire Protection That Anyone Can Use

Almost any member of the family can use the Dry Stop Fire Spray from Prepared Hero.

Older family members, teens and—with proper, responsible instruction—even kids can use this product to extinguish small fires before they turn into catastrophic emergencies.

There’s no need to waste precious seconds waiting for the family member who “knows what to do” to come along. Anyone can be a hero with the Dry Stop Fire Spray.

Ready To Work Any And Every Time

The Dry Stop Fire Spray has a long shelf life, so it can keep your family safe and secure from fire for years to come.

Keep it in a nearby kitchen cupboard, so it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice..

It can also be stored in a garage, in an emergency “bug-out” kit or in a car. Take it on camping trips to extinguish out-of-control campfires or barbecues.


Approved By Firefighters Across The Country

The Dry Stop Fire Spray has been rigorously tested for dependability, and is approved for use by emergency response officials across the country. 

The panel of experts consulted by Prepared Hero is excited to support a reliable fire protection solution that anyone can use. This product is CE HS&E certified and meets EN-1869:1997 standards.

More affordable than many fire extinguishers, and less risky than home remedies, the Dry Stop Fire Spray is one of the best fire safety products on the market.

Eliminate fire quickly without the complexity, bulk or mess

Dry Stop Fire Spray Vs Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Other Fire Spray



Easy Cleanup


Simple to use


Organic & Non-toxic


Eliminate Fire


Pet & Child safe


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Authoritative Application

All fires can be extinguished by cooling, smothering, starving or by interrupting the combustion process to extinguish the fire.

Smothering: limiting oxygen by preventing air from reaching the seat of the fire to allow the combustion process to reduce the oxygen content in the confined atmosphere until it extinguishes itself.

Starving: limiting fuel by removing potential fuel from the vicinity of the fire, removing the fire from the mass of combustible materials or by dividing the burning material into smaller fires that can be extinguished more easily.

From: National Fire Chiefs Council


How To Use

Step: 1

Keep the spray in a convenient location, in case of fire

Step: 2

Remove safety tab and, at a safe distance, aim at the base of the fire

Step: 3

Spray the base until the fire is extinguished

Step: 4

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from protecting your home

Safely Eliminate Fire… FAST!

Dry Stop Fire Spray

Puts Out Fire Fast — Anyone in the household can use this to keep the family safe!


As low as 19.99/ea

Save 42%

  • Eliminates grease, wood, electrical and gas/steam fires
  • Just aim and spray
  • Stops fire quickly
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Puts Out Fire Fast — Anyone in the household can use this to keep the family safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

North America (US/CA): Domestic orders will be shipped via USPS from our USA warehouses. A tracking number will be issued to your email. Please allow 2-10 business days for delivery.

The Dry Stop Fire Spray works on most common fires. This includes grease, electrical, wood, vapor, fuel and battery fires.

No. We never recommend re-using any kind of fire extinguisher. It's always safer to have a full bottle for any future emergency.

To be on the safe side, we recommend replacing unused canisters every three years to prevent malfunction in an emergency situation.

Yes, they are commonly recommended by fire departments and emergency services. This product is CE HS&E certified and meets EN-1869:1997 standards