7 Reasons Why You Need This Security Device... Advice From A 12-Year Policewoman.

The Hero Defense Alarm is currently one of the hottest gadgets in personal safety. It's a vital device that helps protect you against theft and violent crime. See why thousands of people and many police offers recommend them!


Attackers Don't Expect it

1 in 3 women in the U.S. are assaulted in their lifetime. Attackers don't expect you to be prepared.

Having this security device on you provides an extra layer of safety in warding off attackers and summoning help when you need it.


Trigger Flight Response

The Hero Defense Alarm uses a powerful 130 decibel alarm to shock attackers and draw attention.

This works in combination with a bright LED strobe light to further stun and confuse the aggressor while lighting up the area.

Combined, they trigger a powerful flight response in the attackers brain, causing them to instantly flee.


Anyone Can Use It

It's lightweight, compact and easy to use. From children to grandparents, anyone can use the Hero Defense Alarm to help ward off a desperate attacker.

Simply pull the pin on the device to activate it and deactivate it by putting it back in.


It's Discreet & Travel Friendly

Clip it onto your keychain, store it in your purse or pocket. It fits anywhere and can be taken anywhere too!

This device is TSA approved and essential to carry when on vacation. Tourists are common targets.


Long Lasting

It lasts for approximately 40 continual minutes on a single charge, or months without any use. And it quickly recharges in 30 minutes with the included USB-C charging cable.


Customers & Police Love Us

Prepared Hero has over 60,000 happy customers with an average review of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Many Police Departments and Police Officers approve of the Hero Defense Alarm. See what some people are saying:

"It's a powerful little alarm that's easy to use and would definitely draw attention. I prefer the alarm over pepper spray since I've heard that can be used against you. Overall a small price to pay to help me feel safer when walking my dog at night. Worth every penny!"

"This is wonderful for our daughter who walks to school. It's safe, not against her school rules, and gives her some security. You just pull the top off if there is a crisis or emergency and the siren sounds and light flashes."


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My final words of advice to you... as a Policewoman with over 12 years of experience serving...

You may be asking... Why is it so vital to own this security device?

Statistics show that an estimated 1.9 million women and 3.2 million men are physically assaulted annually in the United States.

With an estimated 267,988 robberies per year occurring nationwide.

Using the Hero Defense Alarm to shock your attacker while drawing attention is essential to prevent becoming a victim.

The Hero Defense Alarm was designed exactly for this type of emergency situation. It's an affordable and simple way to prevent this life-threatening event from ever occurring.

Take back control and get peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

It’s pretty clear why the Hero Defense Alarm by Prepared Hero has become a national sensation…

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Hero Defense Alarm.

It’s easy to see why the Hero Defense Alarm is the must-have security gadget of 2022.

Where can you get them?

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