7 Reasons Why Your Valuables Should Be Stored In This Peace-of-Mind Fire Bag...

The vital device that can protect your documents, jewelry, keepsakes and cash from a fire disaster.


Safeguard Your Valuables

There are over 358,000 house fires in the USA every year.

Losing your most precious heirlooms, passports or cash is an absolute tragedy.

The Prepared Hero Fireproof Bag was developed to safely store the small items you value most.


Withstands Intense Heat

It's multi-coated silicone shell insulates your valuables from high heat temperatures that would normally cause a total loss.

Get peace of mind knowing your goods are more safe and secure.


High Visibility

The bright red design and top reflective strip are designed to be highly visible in low-light areas, so you can quickly locate it in an emergency.


Easy-to-Remember Storage

Don't forget where you placed your passport, important documents and cash.

Keeping it all in one safe storage place ensures you'll always know where to go when you need ithem.


Fast USA Shipping

The Hero Fireproof Bag is designed, warehoused and shipped right here in the USA.

Your purchase helps small business and employees, while getting fast, local USPS delivery!


Customers & Fire Fighters Love Us

Prepared Hero has over 200,000 happy customers with an average review of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Many Fire Fighters approve of Prepared Hero products. See what some customers are saying:

"Zippers appear strong and protected by strong Velcro and the bag itself is heavy duty good quality. I would buy again as gifts and recommmend to others."

"This is my 2nd order with you and I'm thrilled with the quality of your products."


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