Survival Stick - 7-in-1 Emergency Car Escape Tool


Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do, and most of us do it every day. So it makes sense that keeping a life-saving device within arms reach is one of the safest and smartest things we can do in case of a roadside emergency.

The Survival Stick is an 7 in 1 emergency car tool with life saving capability that will not only get you out of a roadside emergency, but can also help in the event that you become stranded.

WINDOW BREAKER: Quickly break and shatter side car windows to escape. Strike the corner of the window and the Survival Stick will shatter the glass. This is an essential car emergency escape tool for those living by water or areas prone to flooding.

EMERGENCY WHISTLE: Built to amplify at an extremely high decibel to alert others nearby about your emergency situation.

MULTI-FUNCTION BLADE: Cut rope, cord, wood shavings for a fire, scalp fish and more.

fire starter

FIRE STARTER: Wind resistant flint stick that will quickly get a fire started with a small pile of shavings.

COMPASS: Guide your way back to civilization with the built-in compass.

FISHING TACKLE: Prevent starvation by turning the Survival Stick into a fishing rod to catch your next meal.

survival stick bottle opener

BOTTLE/CAN OPENER: A tool often not thought of, but essential when the time comes. Easily open any aluminum casings.

It comes with some of the most essential tools to surviving an emergency situation. It's pocket sized and lightweight, allowing you to pack it practically anywhere, saving precious space.

The Survival Stick is one of the most underrated tools of all time, keeping this little device in your car could be the difference between life and death.

Prepare your car as if your life depends on it. If you know somebody who could benefit from this device, please share it with them and help save lives.