PowerTalkieX Radio Set

What happens when the phone lines start going down?

Power goes out, cell towers stop functioning, and nowyou and your family are stuck in the middle of a pandemic.

Communication is what keeps society together & united. Without it, we areback in the stone-age.

You need a way to talk to your family:

✔️ In the midst of chaos

✔️ If someone gets lost

✔️ In crowded areas

✔️ Through buildings and walls

✔️ And far distances

You need somethingRELIABLE with modern day technology.

Something you canuse when the power is out and phone lines are down.

What about a walkie talkie radio that can travel through 50 FLOOR BUILDINGS & MILES AWAY?

The PowerTalkieX leaves old walkie talkies in the dust.

It offersrobust modern technology withreliable HD voice communication that penetrates up to 50 floor buildings and travels 3.2 miles away withcrisp clear sound.

Don't get left in the stone age during an emergency.

The PowerTalkieX gives you and your familyexactly what's needed to help you communicate during any crisis.


It'slow-profile design, 5 oz weight, and slim discreet body allow you to easily hide it from those who may want what you have.

It's the ULTIMATE backup plan for your family.

✔️ Simple to use for all ages

✔️CRISP & CLEAR Sound: Top of the line noise reduction technology with strong integrated antenna

✔️Extreme battery life: Up to 15 days with communication and 18-24 months in storage, on a single charge.

✔️ Uses the newest Type-CFast Charging technology

✔️ Easy-read dot matrix display, saving battery life.

✔️4,000 mAh battery: 3x higher capacity than the average smartphone.

Plus,go hands free with voice control and a plug-in headset when you don't have a hand to spare.

Get your PowerTalkieX (PTX) set now & have a backup plan for the whole family!

We highly recommend having a PowerTalkieX for every member of your household for proper safety precaution.

Each package comes with:

  • 2 X PowerTalkieX Walkie Talkies
  • 2 X Type-C Fast Charging Cables

Technical Specs:

License Free FRS Radio

16 Memory channels between 462 - 467 MHz

Supply Power: DC3.7V

Exceptional conditions: Approx 20 Miles range

Everyday use: Approx 3.2 Miles range

Rugged city use: 50 floor penetration

One-piece back clip

9-level noise reduction

80 decibel speaker output

4,000 mAh internal battery

Type-C fast charging

Only 1.5CM thick (as thin as an iPhoneX)

Under 5oz weight

15 day standby

LED dot matrix display

Headphone charging interface

50 CTCSS/208 DCSCTCSS/DCS: non-standard subaudio can be programmed


  • Output Power: 2W/0.5W
  • Modulation: FM (F3E)
  • Max.Frequency Deviation: ≤5KHz
  • Sparious Radiation: ≤7.5μW
  • Preemphasis Character: Per Octave 6dB
  • Emission Current: <1000mA


  • Sensitivity: 0.16μV(12dB SINAD)
  • Audio Power: ≥300mW
  • Audio Distortion: <5%
  • Intermodulation: >60dB
  • Receiving Current: <300mA
  • Standby Current: <20mA