Flat Fix Tire Repair Kit

Quickly repair tire punctures on the go with the Flat Fix Repair Kit.

This kit includes all of the necessary tools to repair the tire on your own, avoiding costly mechanics.

Easy and Simple Steps

  1. Use T-handle rasp tool and puncture the hole on your tire.
  2. Using the T-handle insert tool, feed one plug through the hole and position it over the hole.
  3. Using a downward motion, rotate the handle until plug is all the way through.
  4. Once firmly inserted, release the level and pull up until plug is out of the hole. Proceed to trim plug if necessary and double check for any air holes.

Flat Fix Kit Includes:

  • 1x Rasper tool
  • 1x Needle tool
  • 1x Sealing lubricant
  • 5x Repair strips

This kit pairs well with the QuickInflate Compressor which is a portable tire inflator. First repair the tire with the Flat Fix kit, then fill the tire with the QuickInflate. Save money and time by avoiding a tow truck, mechanic and new tires!