130 dB Personal Alarm Keychain

Never get stranded without being able to alert for help. Scare off an attacker in any unwanted situation.

The 130 dB alarm is designed to be used in case of an emergency. Not only to call attention to the situation, but also to take back the element of surprise from an attacker.

What does 130 Decibels sound like?
  • 95 - 110 dB is the sound a motorcycle makes as it rides past you.
  • 120 dB is the sound of a rock concert.
  • 130 dB is the sound of a jackhammer.
  • 130 dB is the sound of our Personal Alarm Keychain.
  • 130 dB is the sound of a jet taking off.
  • 140 dB is the threshold of pain.

The alarm is activated by pulling the contact pin out of the device, but can only be turned off by sticking the pin back in which makes it difficult for an attacker to silence the device. In situations where seconds make a difference between life and death - the ease of activation combined with the "hidden" off button make this alarm an easy to use, and hard to defeat personal alarm.

There are two main reasons why you should own a Personal Alarm Keychain.

ALERT HELP WHEN STRANDED - Use it to immediately alert help nearby if you are in a dangerous situation such as getting lost on a hiking trail or stranded in a snow storm.

AN ATTACKER'S WORST ENEMY IS ATTENTION - a simple and quick solution that requires no thinking! Simply pull the contact pin to activate a screaming siren of 130 dB - as loud as a jackhammer - giving you vital seconds to flee the scene and immediately attract attention.

It uses an easy-pull activation and includes a key chain with a purse/keychain clip and built in flashlight. It's the preferred model by our customers for attaching to their car keys, clipping to a purse, or attaching to a backpack.

NOTE: Batteries Not Included! Requires 3 x LR44 watch batteries. These can be purchased at any drug store.