Civilian Mask with Replaceable Filters

Filters airborne particulates and will block most large respiratory droplets from other people's sneezes and coughs from entering your mouth and nose. Contains 6 layers for improved protection.

The CDC recommends the general public to wear coverings at all times while outdoors.


The dual respiration valves reduce heat and moisture build up so you can breathe comfortably at all times while wearing the mask. The dual valve system closes on inhale and opens on exhale, only allowing air to enter the filter.


Easy adjustable nose clip allows you to wear the mask comfortably without strain or discomfort. Simply rest it on your face and adjust the clip for the right fit.


No matter your face size or shape, the mask will make the perfect fit! Use the Velcro buckles to tighten or loosen as needed. Head circumference ranges 21 to 25 inches. This non-slip design allows for use under any kind of physical activity.


This simple filter replacement design allows you to save money by just the filter part. No need for an entirely new mask.

Usage Details:

  • 95% success rate in blocking particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns
  • Usage Time : 72 hours
  • Filtering efficiency drops to about 80% on average after testing 14 days.

*** These are not certified for medical grade applications and are for civilian use only
*** All sales are final on mask purchases