Advanced Tactical Headlamp with Auto Brightness Technology

A tactical headlamp is essential for outdoor adventuring.

Whether you are hiking, camping, fishing, shooting or other -- you need proper lighting as the sun sets.

And it needs to have modern day technology with powerful lighting, adjustable zoom and long lasting to get you through your mission.

It should also have the option to manually adjust brightness or use auto brightness similar to the way a smartphone works.

Our Tactical Headlamps are packed with features that competitors just can't keep up with.

BRIGHT: Single-centered bulb packed with 1,300 Lumens
AUTO BRIGHTNESS: Built-in sensor auto adjusts brightness similar to your phone
RECHARGE: Plug in USB to quickly recharge on the go!
COMFORT: 3-sided design provides comfortable long term use
EMERGENCY READY: Multiple lighting modes including SOS strobes
PRECISION: Adjustable zoom for wide view or single target lighting
LONG LASTING: Go for days on a single charge with moderate use!


Do we even need to mention the waterproof, weatherproof, shockproof design? Durability is 100% essential in ANY headlamp.

Let us light up your next journey with our Advanced Tactical Headlamp featuring Auto Brightness Technology.

Order today and your package includes:

  • 1 X 1300 Lumen Advanced Tactical Headlamp with Auto Brightness Technology
  • 1 X Long-lasting 18650 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 1 X On-the-go Micro USB Charging Cable