Paracord Survival Bracelet 2.0

Paracord bracelets help tremendously in emergency situations. 

We recently updated our Paracord Survival Bracelet with new functionality to better chances of survival in an emergency situation.


  • 3 meter parachute rope: This will allow you to tie up gear, form a shelter, store food high up away from animals and more.
  • Survival whistle: Alert help from near and far with this high decibel emergency whistle.
  • Sharp Blade: Cut through rope, make wood shavings for a fire, slice up food and more.
  • Compass: Helps guide yourself back to civilization in an emergency situation.


What are the uses for a Paracord Bracelet?

If the need arises, you can unravel your bracelet and use it to:

  • Tie up gear.
  • Make a shelter.
  • Use the inner core for fishing line or sutures.
  • Use inner strands to mend fabric.
  • Make a splint for a broken limb.
  • Hang game for drying.
  • Make a perimeter trip line for warning.
  • Use as a tourniquet.

You get the idea — the only limitation is your imagination! Regardless how cool or “in” these bracelets are, just think how handy a paracord bracelet would be if you are in any of the situations above?

Again, if you are serious about survival use, you want your bracelet to be one color so you have the longest continuous length of cord. Two color bracelets are made of the same amount of cord — just two separate pieces — one for each color. So in essence you get two lengths of cord instead of one continuous cord.

Being you get approximately one foot of cord for every inch of length, you can see why so many survivalists wear bracelets and include paracord gear in addition to the other necessaries they put in their backpack!