SafeToe - Indestructible Safety Shoes

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Get a perfect mix of comfort, style and safety.

You need a pair a shoes that will last through anything.

Something that you can work and play hard without risk of destroying your shoes -- and more importantly, feet.

Our Indestructible Shoe line is built for the busy lifestyle.

Each shoe is equipped with a steel toe cap and steel toe mid sole, giving you foot safety like no other. Add to the fact that the outer sole is heavy duty & oil resistant, they will give you excellent grip, strength and protection.


light weight steel toe shoes

We make them extremely lightweight and flexible so you can get through the day without foot pain or discomfort.


indestructible work shoes

We keep the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality in all of our indestructibles.


heavy duty outdoor safety shoes

Built with a heavy duty & oil resistant outer sole, giving you the grip, strength and protection you need for any task.


torture tested safety shoes

Steel toed cap and mid sole. We've run them over. We hammered them. Jumped on beds of nails. We've rigorously tested our shoes to make sure they meet quality standards that you expect.


steel toe protection safety shoes

Good luck breaking through the steel cap and mid soles. They are built to hold up to practically anything. Heavy duty work is what they were built for.


water resistant safety shoes

You need a shoe that can withstand the weather. These do it like no other...