BugZap Lantern - Automatically Attract & Kill Flying Pests

It's Time To Toss The Chemical-Packed Bug Spray...

This Portable Lantern Destroys Disease Infested Flying Bugs Without Dangerous Chemicals

Have you ever walked into your backyard only to be swarmed with mosquitoes and other flying pests? It's difficult to enjoy the outdoors with these nasty bugs constantly:

❌ Swarming around your face and skin 😒

❌ Landing on your food or drinks 🤮

❌ Giving itchy bites all over your body 😡

Now there is a simple, effective solution to eliminating these bugs and preventing itchy bites... and it doesn't require toxic sprays!

The BugZap Lantern by Prepared Hero attracts & destroys any flying insects up to 16 feet away.

INTRODUCING: The BugZap Lantern by Prepared Hero. Designed to protect against insect bites without dangerous chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets.

What is the BugZap Lantern by Prepared Hero?

The BugZap is a 2-in-1 portable lantern that zaps away flying bugs while maintaining perfect lighting. It's the perfect solution to protect you and your family from disease-carrying flies, gnats, fleas, ticks, wasps and hornets without using toxic sprays or smelly citronella candles.

It's portable 7 x 3 inch body allows you to carry it anywhere, and it's USB rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours!

The built-in LED lantern gives you bright lighting for reading, flashlight, or night-light.

Keep it running day or night, it will eliminate any flying insects in a 16 ft radius, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without nasty bugs swarming you.

✅ Reliable & Efficient Flying Insect Eliminator

✅ Each BugZap Covers 16' x 16' Bug-free Zone

✅ Bright 6000K LED Shatter Resistant Lantern

✅ USB Rechargeable & 12 Hours of Battery Life

✅ 100% Waterproof - Safely Wash Under Running Water

If you love the outdoors, but hate nasty flying insects, then you need to get the BugZap Lantern by Prepared Hero.

It is an absolute game changer in the outdoors. You can now stop disease spreading insects without using dangerous chemical sprays on your skin.

Think of all the great places you could use the BugZap Lantern:

✅ Backyard patio

✅ Camping & Hiking

✅ BBQ's & Picnics

✅ Block Party

✅ Boating

✅ Traveling

✅ Bedroom

✅ Sports Field

Many customers keep it in the car so they are always prepared!

Why Customers Love BugZap...

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Very impressive kill rate!"

Originally bought 4. I was suspicious of their claims. Was going to use in Puerto Rico for the bug zapper ability. I was pleasantly surprised how many mosquitos were caught every night. Added for those nay-sayers a picture of two and their kill! Pretty impressive. Not all mosquitoes, there were other flying insects too.

"Zaps them all DEAD!!"

This little gadget is AMAZING! Definitely worth the money I paid. Don't expect it to kill all the bugs in camp, but for a tent it's perfect! We just got back from camping and this was my favorite thing that we added to our gear this year. Although it is a very convenient little light, I only used it for the zapping capabilities and WOW! It killed all the bugs in our tent within a couple of hours... I just hung it in there after we set up the bed and way before bedtime the bugs were dead!

"Thoughtfully designed—works great in an RV"

Tired of that one buzzing fly or mosquito hovering around you in your tent/RV? Buy this right now—it works! I’ve been using it for a couple of days inside my 19 ft. Airstream travel trailer, and found that if I hang one over my bed (see photo), I have no more bugs on me at night. Period. The bugs either get “zapped” or they hang out on the ceiling near the light, making them easy to swat and kill.