Tactical Camo Tape

Camouflage your Gears!


  • Multi-purpose: Self-adhesive for hunting camouflage,decorating; Multi-choice: multi colors matched your equipment perfectly.
  • Protect guns ,cameras or other equipments from field scratches; Heavy duty stretch fabric wrap conforms to any shapes -Smoothly and even on curved surfaces.
  • Improves grip and insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces; No need to worried about Hands sweaty, shot more accurate by handling the recoil better; Protect cold metal items from your skin;
  • Tears easily-Not sticky, it doesn't leave any residue when removed;
  • Reusable and washable fabric can be used multiple times, When the hunt was over, unwrapped it, rolled it back up. When it starts to get loose or lose its clinginess just wash & rinse with soap and water and it's pretty much good as new.


Camouflage Tape for Snowfield

Camouflage Tape for Rifle
Camouflage Tape for Shotgun
Camouflage Tape for Flashlight