SteelFlame Fire Starter

No matter the weather, the SteelFlame Fire Starter will light your fire when you need it most. The heat produced from striking the SteelFlame is three times greater than an ordinary match, allowing you to light a fire under the most difficult conditions. 

  • Replaces traditional matches, saving you money.
  • Packs smaller than a box of matches for easy storing.
  • Water resistant, allowing use in snow and rain.
  • Rugged steel frame to reduce wear and tear.
  • Hotter than a traditional match.

We recommend keeping one of these in your vehicle emergency kit and bug-out bags so that you have a reliable source of fire when you don't have minutes to spare.

How to use: Pull out the match stick and strike it against the side, creating a flame instantly. It's strong enough to withstand thousands of strikes.

Please note: Due to shipping policies, the butane fuel is not included. You can purchase butane (lighter) fuel at most convenience stores to fill your SteelFlame Fire Starter.