Tactical Flashlight Baton


Home security is essential, especially if you have a family to protect.

You need protection that:

✔️ You can easily access
✔️ Durable & rugged
✔️ Powerful & effective
✔️ Stops an intruder in their tracks
✔️ Lightweight & easy to use

Home security cameras and alarms are great, but you need a self defense solution until emergency services arrive.

When you only have seconds to spare, you need something that you can grab QUICK.

Something that you and your family can depend on when SHTF.

It needs to be POWERFUL, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver.

A baseball bat sounds great, but they can be bulky, heavy and you're missing one essential thing. Lighting...

That's why we designed the Tactical Flashlight Baton.

Grab this self defense nightstick baton and you have immediate access to blinding strobe light setting and a powerful self defense weapon that an attacker won't see coming.



It's lightweight, yet extremely durable. To prove it, we ran it over a few times. Not even a dent on it! Matter of fact... the flashlight STILL WORKED perfectly!

We've also built an upgraded version. Studded. Now THAT will pack a blow!



It's extremely durable aluminum body hits so hard, we started smashing bricks to pieces with ours!

And it's built to be portable. Lightweight, waterproof, crushproof, what can't this thing do?


If you're looking for a real security upgrade, something that you can grab quick at a moments notice, and protect you and your family, this is the one.

It's the perfect size too. Coming in just under 20 inches, it's just the right amount to distance yourself from an attacker but still have enough power to strike a blow.

Tactical Baton Lengths

  • Tactical Baton (Smooth): 19.2 inches long
  • Tactical Baton (Studded): 16.1 inches long

We recommend keeping a few that you can quickly access. One by the bedside, one hidden on the main floor and one in the vehicle.

Ready for a home security upgrade?

*Please note: Flashlight batteries are not included due to shipping policies. Requires 4 AA batteries.