Fire Blockers by Prepared Hero

🔥 If you've ever suffered from burns while cooking you know how important this can be.

Fire Blockers by Prepared Hero are temperature-resistant gloves that will protect your hands from INTENSE flames of up to 1472°F (800°C)!

How much heat can you withstand and for how long?

  • 800°C / 1472°F - 7-10 seconds
  • 500°C / 932°F - 12-15 seconds
  • 350°C / 662°F - 21-23 seconds
  • 100°C / 212°F - 55-68 seconds

These are definitely not your dad's oven mitts!

Charcoal grills and fires get extremely hot and you need hand and forearm protection from burns and cuts. These gloves are 14-inches long and cut resistant!

We design our Fire Blockers using Aramid fiber. This is the same material used in aeurospace and military applications. This makes competitors using plastic, nitrile, latex and rubber look pathetic!


No only will you be able to withstand immense heat, but this revolutionary material will protect you from sharp cuts as well. It's completely resistant!

Get them dirty? We thought about that too! Just throw them in the washer and they are ready to go again! The design allows them to be washed without damaging.

The knitted material is lightweight and breathable, allowing your skin to stay cool and dry inside, while withstanding extreme temps on the outside!